Mission Statement

Bighorn Pediatric Dentistry is committed to helping children, adolescents and those with special needs achieve optimum oral health by:
• Providing excellent and compassionate dental care.
• Acknowledging the trust each parent has placed in us as we care for their child.
• Focusing on prevention and education for families.
• Creating a fun and welcoming environment where children and parents feel comfortable.



For some children who have a lot of dental anxiety, we offer some different options for their treatment.

First we have nitrous oxide which may be used for kids who are just a bit nervous or uneasy. This helps to calm their nerves and make them more comfortable during their appointment. It will leave their system before they walk out of our office.

Our second option is for younger kids who may not tolerate treatment well. Oral Conscious Sedation is used when they are either too young to understand that they need to hold still for treatment, or they have too much work and would not be able to cooperate fully. We have great success using this and we are certified by the State of Wyoming to use this method.


Surgery Center

For some children, dental rehabilitation at the Sheridan Surgical Center is the best option. We use this for children who may be medically compromised, or they are unable to tolerate treatment in the dental office setting. Dr. Bailey can discuss these options with you and our staff is great to answer any questions you have about getting treatment completed for your child.


Financing Options

We work with many insurance companies and are contracted with Delta Dental, BlueCross Blue Shield of Wyoming, Aetna and Medicaid of Wyoming. For large out of pocket portions, we are able to provide a 3 month automated payment plan with a credit or debit card. We also accept several plans through Care Credit.


Your First Appointment

What should you expect at your first appointment for your child? First, we hope you feel welcome! We love our patients and hope they know that. We love what we do and our goal is to make the appointment as fun and stress free as possible for both the parent and the child. We love parent involvement, but encourage you to let your child come back with the hygienist if they are ready. We make sure to discuss the whole appointment with the parent and answer any questions you may have. If it is discovered that you child will need restorative treatment, we go over what to expect and make sure you are 100% on board.

All of us here at Bighorn Pediatric Dentistry treat you just as special as we would our own family and love to see both the parent and the child leave with a smile on their face and excitement for their next trip here.


State of the Art Technology

Our office is equipped with digital x-rays, which makes diagnosing your child’s dental needs easy and as accurate as possible. We have new state of the art equipment which helps us provide quality care to your family in a timely manner. Also, we have TV’s above each dental chair so your child can enjoy their favorite show while they keep their smile looking as healthy as possible.